Tuesday, March 10, 2009

IT Outsourcing In The Philippines--And The Benefits It Brings For Clients

IT Outsourcing is becoming more and more popular today as there are more and more businesses and companies who find it as an advantageous option to hiring a regular employee to work in a particular IT tasks. Its exponential growth is fueled by a number of factors and some of these are costs and time. Costs because, it is proven that there is a very significant difference--it is a lot cheaper as compared to other options. Time because, to engage in outsourcing means there is a big saving it terms of time since lots of outsourcing companies are readily available in times you need it--they have staff who are just there waiting to be called by clients.

China and India were once considered to be the powerhouse in terms of IT outsourcing service--not anymore. They do not have the monopolies anymore since there are other emerging IT hub that are proven to be capable of going head to head with those giants. In fact, a lot of clients say these emerging IT markets are very much competitive.

One example of emerging IT outsourcing service hub is the Philippines. And, according to some outsourcing experts, the country's IT industry will expand in a rapid rate because of its advantage over its competitors.

Lots of clients say the Philippines has this English accent that can be understood by most countries all over the world. Well, that must be true since the country is considered to be the 3rd largest English-speaking country in the world.

Another competitive advantage of the Philippines in accommodating IT clients is their highly-skilled workforce in the field of Information Technology. If you could still remember, the 'I love you' virus is a well-known Filipino-authored program ( don't get me wrong here, it is just an example).

It is also known by many that Filipino workers are very much dedicated to their works and that is perhaps the reason why there are millions of Filipinos scattered in different part of the world. For example, the executive chef of the US White House is but a Filipino. Same in IT, lots of Filipino workforce excel in these areas.

There are a lot of IT outsourcing companies in the Philippines who are providing help lots of businesses and companies to make their business grow further. If you think you need this kind of service for your business, why not give a shot? Try and spot the significant difference.--Roy

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  1. It's very beneficial for clients. This is because of the highly skilled workers the Philippines has today. Filipinos are very competitive compared to other nationalities.


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