Sunday, April 3, 2011

Facebook Profile Banner

Have you had your Facebook Profiles done professionally?

Here are some sample facebook profile banners I did for a few friends I've dealt with.

This past few months I have been blessed with a lot of Facebook Profile Banner requests and Twitter/Youtube /MVT/Myspace customization that it's just now that i am able to show some of the finished banners I've done so far... I even had logo requests coming from clients but at some point I have to turn them down since this really is not my Forte.

Here are some Facebook Profile Banners I've done for my clients.

1. Jennifer Mowatt

2. Gladys Jeanette Colon

Facebook Profile Banner for Gladys Jeanette Colon

...she liked this but then added a new set of banners that has a futuristic approach to which i did as well...

.... I even had the privilege to work for an ARMY-Businessman who's currently in Iraq! You could just imagine how privilege I can be to of service to these peole...

3. Willie McIntosh

... not only that i was privileged to design his banner... he even gave me the chance to work on the banner of which i believe is into ballroom dancing - and both his and the group's logo.

4. Daryl YenCeo Yg Kingston

5. Jacqueline Mohair (repeat client)... i have been updating her page quarterly along with her husband H.T. Mohair

Virtual Outsourcing Philippines :  Facebook Profile Banner for Jacqueline Mohair

6. Naheshae Davis

7. Rianta Cofer

9. Beverly Feimster

10. Tamara Ervin

YES! people on Facebook have now been editing their profiles for Business purposes. Gone are those days where people are settled on having themselves a simple photo for everyone to see. Online entrepreneurs have realized the necessity to maximize their profile spaces and save their client(s) time by allowing their prospects to need not have to browse around their profile just to simply find their contact number or email. Entrepreneurs have now been fixing their Facebook profile pictures to a now more professional facebook photo banner.

When do you plan to have yours?

These are just a few of the clients i have been of service for with.

Have a great day!


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