Sunday, April 3, 2011

7 Deadly Sins of Clients From Hell

It's great to be of service to people who are good businessmen and has word of honor. However, from time to time though as much as you wish to evade some of these annoying people to your sane occurence, you just so often get to encounter them for no apparent reason.

Here are some of people you get to meet:


The GREAT CLIENT is someone who enjoys talking about themselves too much and their professional achievements. They brag about it almost so daily you get annoyed with it; that they so all know everything under the sun and tells you what to do (like they know what they're saying) then ask you about what to do to leverage... makes you wanna respond with "i thought you knew everything that needs to be done, why ask then?" --- Good thing they pay on time coz it saves you the piece of string that's holding your temper


The FILTHY RICH CLIENT is another individual that you get to meet on the road. They have a slight difference with "The I-AM-SO-GREAT-CLIENT". This kind of client talks about all their wealth and how much their business is a success. Unfortunately, for no apparent reason, when you send them their invoice, they either are busy and forgot that they have pending dues --- all sorts of excuses can be used redundantly. You'll notice this kind of client as soon as they propose to hire you for your services and find reasons on not paying the S.O.P. of 50% in advance for the monthly services.


The WISHFUL THINKING CLIENT is another client in the area that wishes to get into a good moneymaking business (we all do) but unfortunately, they don't realize the fact that what happens to their business has nothing to do with you at all, and no matter how you explain to these people that CONVERSION would be very consumer dependent, they won't understand that at all and even later blame you for their business going down the drains. These are clients who's read or heard something about making money, invest into it and realized that $200 wasn't an ideal investment just as how they have misunderstood an article they've read. Sad thing is, they annoy you on how you should have done your job to evade covering pending fees.


The PEDIGREE DEPRIVED CLIENT is a client who often pays cheap and often harass you with calls day in and day out without even thinking if their time is up just because they noticed that you're online. They usually do not understand that they are not the only client that needs your focus and time. Often they feel that what they are paying for requires them to be often responded to whenever they have queries right on the spot.


The FREELOADER is a “client,” who requires you to submit an original free sample for which you will not be paid and termed as "TEST". Though I should say that it is important for clients to see sample your sample works, it is also mindless not think of what supposedly is the purpose of your portfolio and references in the first place.

6. The Exploiter

The Exploiter often comes up to you with a minimal project to where you quote a reasonable amount of project value. As soon as the negotiation starts, you'll later then notice several project changes to later find out that there's more work that's yet needed to be integrated to the project that for some reason was not discussed ahead of time . . . Worse, you get to do the job from the original price quoted and they won't even bother to have the initiative to ask if these comes on a separate fee.

7. The Marketer

The Marketer often they do have a flowery manner of dealing with you... they call you with a lot of words that would entice you such as "partner", "pal", "buddy", "comrade" and often have a typical line that a first timer would dive into... "If you want a way to make more money let's be great partners and make tons of sales on this and we both get benefits from this!" Sad thing is, they haven't figured out that your time also cost money.

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