Saturday, March 21, 2009

Don't Have Enough Time For Keywords Research?

One of the most important things that should be done as part of search engine optimization is to perform a keyword research. Having the appropriate keyword phrases within your site content is one factor to increasing authority in the eyes of search engines. Thus, greater chances to increase your site conversion rate.

Here at Dvo Virtual Tech, we have dedicated team for SEO & SEM tasks. They are designated to help you for your site promotion and marketing campaign. Once you sign-up your site surely can get the necessary updates for better chances of generating better sales.

For keyword research and analysis, the team uses powerful keyword selection tools to make sure that keywords provided are highly competitive enough to create a better content for your site. While there are a number of free keyword research softwares in the Internet, the company uses paid tools because these are more comprehensive and more updated compared to free ones.

When you let DvoVirtualTech do the keywords research for your content, you surely get a cost effective service. Of course, you have an idea that performing a keyword research on your own requires enough time and money because you need to subscribe for paid keyword research tool. So, if you let us do it for you, there is no need for you to buy the necessary tools and for that alone, you are able to save a significant amount.

You surely can get more comprehensive keyword list results. While others use free keyword research tools, Dvo Virtual Tech uses more powerful tools to make sure to provide more competitive results. Again, using paid keyword research tools generate more comprehensive results—detailed, timely, and more relevant.

And why is it using paid keyword research tools gives more detailed, timely and relevant results?

Well, the fact is, using a paid keyword research tools gives you the necessary information about the key phrases you select. While free tools can give details like how many times a particular keyword phrase is used and the number of competition, these do not provide the measure of keyword's KEI—paid keywords tools do. KEI or Keywords Effectiveness Index is the indicator or real measure of the competitiveness of a particular keyword phrase.

Aside from that, Dvo Virtual Tech uses only keyword research tools that provide results that is timely. Free tools usually a month or more delayed and it affects a lot because what might competitive in the last month might perform otherwise at present. Here at Dvo Virtual Tech, we provide real-time results as we use tools which give results in 24-hour-range basis. So, it is more relevant and competitive.

Again, Dvo Virtual Tech provides you better services in keyword research and content writing. With the team of web design and SEO experts, you surely can get what your site really needs.

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